The Drop.

In an attempt to launch the token in the fairest way possible, all genesis tokens were airdropped to the Blockzero Labs community members for their efforts in supporting the protocol.

The Utility.

Similar to how Uniswap v3 has a fee switch, Flashstake has a time switch. Each time someone uses the Flashstake protocol, a 0-20% time fee is taken and sent to the Time Vault.

EX: A user stakes 100 ETH which generates 10 ETH upfront yield. Currently, 95% of this yield goes to the user and 5% goes to the Time Vault.

The only way to remove fees from the Time Vault is by depositing FLASH tokens. In short, this makes $FLASH the exclusive token for consolidating, arbitraging, and unlocking time fees from the protocol.

How can I earn FLASH?

Currently, there are two ways to earn FLASH

  1. Flashstake: 20%+ APY for early protocol usage
  2. Flashback: Lock FLASH LP tokens for 120% APY